here's the setting,fashion magazines line the wall

jonathan lasker, untitled (d-95), 2002


i hate that i relate to this song so much

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"gazing ball" sculpture. I really liked all of the Jeff Koons I saw today (at Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum)
antiquity (at Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum)
the first week of college was so much fun (at Museum of Sex)
dinners ready (at Museum of Sex)
at funky town

Sin título by Nakarin Teerapenun on Flickr.

Chicago 1941
my part of my dorm room aka my bed and my posters and storage 
I am a poor college student get me out of this place (at Céline)

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The Office Book (1982)
finally found my way to the subway..with my new deep end club bag that I bought from @tennesseebunny 😎